What Are The Three Stages Of Video Production?

Whether you're working in tandem with a video production agency or simply producing your own video content, there are three clear stages of video production that you should be aware of. Each stage will differ depending on the scale of the project but there is a general process which applies to almost all projects. So whether you're making a blockbuster film or a short social media video it will be hugely beneficial to get familiar with these three stages of video production.

1. Pre-production

Also known as the planning stage. It is a pretty broad term which ultimately refers to all of the tasks that need to be completed before production can begin. This can include meeting with the client, research, writing a script, storyboarding, casting, location scouting, planning costumes, budget, hiring freelancers, preparing the relevant equipment etc.

2. Production

Production is the part of the video process in which the footage is recorded, photos captured or whatever media needs to be shot is shot. In movies this stage is sometimes referred to as principal photography. The main task of the production stage is to get all of the required shots as planned in the pre-production stage. When shooting a promotional video or brand video it is important to obtain a lot of B-roll and additional footage so that once you enter into post-production you have a multitude of clips to call upon and you don't have to re-schedule filming days in.

3. Post-production

Also known as editing, post-production is the stage of the process where all of the recorded video, audio and other media is sorted through and assembled in accordance with the plan laid out in pre-production. Once the media is sorted and sequenced you can create and add graphics, visual effects, animation and text as well as colour grading/correction and sound design. Editors must work to the initially laid out brief to ensure that all the key messages, brand guidelines and script are adhered to.

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