Becky Baier

“I love catching serendipitous moments in nature where surrealism can naturally occur, like in shadows and refections. I think thats why I am drawn to collage because it allows me to manipulate images, forcing objects and people to co-exist in new spaces."

Becky’s unique creative mind allows her to create surreal new forms, dissecting images of people, places and objects and then marry them all together. Her use of black and white imagery and contrasting pops of colour in colour gives a vintage 35mm film aesthetic to much of her work.

“Never under estimate the power of a network”

Originally from Wiltshire, Becky now lives and works in Peckham. She comes from a family of successful artists which has given her the confidence to pursue a career in her passion. After graduating from university, most art students struggle to find immediate work. Becky was no exception to this. But her charisma and persistence as well as utilisation of her network of peers paid off when she was commissioned to paint a mural for Red Bull. This big new client gave Becky the support and the platform she needed to launch her freelance careerism and she went on to work with a number of great clients such as Selfridges, Ninja Tune and H&M.

Becky is currently working on some album artwork for an upcoming release on Wormfood Records. The image below was also used for a previous release on the same label.

She uses analogue methods to create her collages initially, collecting images from old books and magazines and cutting them up with a scalpel

“I find the physical process of cutting and keeping images at the original scale two important factors when making work."

If you like Becky's work as much as we do, head over to her website: