Abi Galatia

In the space of a few years Abi Galatia has gone from amateur street photographer, taking snaps on her iPhone, to beating cancer and featuring in Vogue.

Abi's success is due to an abundance of talent and charisma in equal measure. She loves working with people and has a rare ability to put you at ease, ensuring a smooth and hilarious shoot that always gets the best out of people.


After finishing university, Abi travelled a lot. She was documenting her travels in South Africa and working with a christian sex trafficking charity.

Those at the charity decided that she had a talent, so they all chipped in a bought her a Canon 6d. It was their kindness that day that sowed the seeds of what has already been a hugely successful career in photography.

Whilst in South Africa, Abi was diagnosed with cancer. Whilst she was in and out of chemotherapy her friends bought her some editing software so she learned to edit her photos. She was taught a lot from fellow photographer, lighting technician and friend, Alan Kendall and has never looked back.

Now living in Bristol, Abi has crafted and solidified her own unique style and has had photos showcased in the likes of Vogue, Jungle Magazine and Elléments Magazine.

If you're interested in booking Abi for a shoot then contact us directly or visit https://www.iamabigalatia.com/