Lydia Roberts

“My attitude was that any artwork should somehow speak for itself, and that all the details of how, what and why should remain at the very top of the shelf, collecting dust..”

Sometimes it's better to leave things to subjective interpretation. Especially when it comes to artwork displaying human emotion because we can already empathise. The beautiful imagery combined with the desire to know more about the people and situations in front of Lydia's lens make her work so special.

Street Photo, Zaragoza, Spain. 2019

Street Photo, Granada, Spain. 2019

Street Photo, Zaragoza, Spain. 2019

Originally from Swindon, UK, Lydia moved to Bristol and developed her skills at university. She left with a 1st class honours and featured on multiple exhibitions in the UK and Paris.

Homeless Woman, Bristol, UK, 2018

Walking on Portals, Bristol, UK, 2018

We also love Lydia's abstract artwork.

Lydia left Bristol in June 2018, headed for Granada, Spain, before making her way to Vieure, a small village deep in the French countryside. She then travelled back down into Spain and is now in Zaragoza. She'll soon be making her way to slowly north to Berlin.

Falling Dog, Zaragoza, Spain 2019

Coral Censorship, Mexico, 2015

Self Portrait, Nerja Beach, Spain, 2018

If you're inspired by Lydia's work, head to her online shop and check out more of her work. She has some amazing stuff for sale.