Our Top 5 Music Videos

We thought it'd be too easy to show our top 5 music videos of all time so this is a selection of our favourite fairly recent music videos which have caught our eye for some reason. From 13 minute cinematic short films to interactive 360 videos. Here are our top 5 music videos.

Ama Lou - DDD

The film which is a visual representation of her 3-part EP DDD was written and directed by Ama herself and shot by her sister Mahalia John. It follows a girl in a Los Angeles crime ring (played by Ama) and their journey over the course of a single day.

Best bit: The breakdown at 5:20. Juicy.

Calypso Rose - Calypso Blues

Written by the legendary Nat King Cole, if you watch this video and it doesn't make you feel happier then you're a robot. Feels like you're being transported into a looney tunes episode.

Best bit: when she sips from nectar

Jay Z - The Story Of OJ

The Story Of OJ plays off and subverts traditional African-American stereotypes. It touches on OJ Simpson and him seemingly becoming so successful that he abandoned his black origins and identified to many as a white person.

Best bit: 'I'm not black I'm OJ........ OK.'

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Look Around

Perhaps one of the Chili's lesser known tracks, Look Around's video is also available in 360 but the stitched version offers sharp interchanges and infectious oddity.

Best bit: The dog wondering what the f**k is going on.

Maribou State - Nervous Tics (feat. Holly Walker)

The masterly combo of Maribou State & Holly Walker has returned for their new album 'Kingdoms In Colour'. Walker explains its "about the low-lying panic of modern life" and it's video harnesses that underlying sense of panic beautifully.

Best bit: The mirrored smokey club scenes.