Videos We Loved In September

Sit back and enjoy some of our favourite videos from September. Without knowing it they all seem to follow a fairly similar theme. Bending reality and transporting you away through design and motion. Enjoy.

69SEC is a tongue-in-cheek animation showcasing human intimacy... Warning, NSFW.

Goodbye Design - "The idea was born when I walked out of a museum a few months ago amazed by a product design exhibition from around '50s. The geniality of minimal design mixed with used retro flavour and playful accent colours of everyday objects (mainly Braun) were the essentials for the concept of this short movie. Everything is driven by an excellent track from Dirty Art Club which was a perfect match with the rhythmical side of the concept. "Good(bye) Design " is a reminder of how people slowly lose a relationship with true Good Design. Let's look back at immortal design icons in this audiovisual experience!"

Isle of Dogs is my favourite Wes Anderson film to date. Despite being a solely stop motion film it holds all of brilliant characteristics of a Wes Anderson movie and transports you into his world. Watching master sushi chefs in real life is mesmerising and this snippet from Isle of Dogs manages to encapsulate the art beautifully. I also like dogs and this film has a lot of them in it.