Videos We Loved In July

This month, we've gone with a collection of videos that might melt the brain. You've been warned.

Aphex Twin - T69

Aphex Twin are back with a brand new EP. This one was supposed to premiere on Adult Swim on the 7th but was unsurprisingly pulled due to a failed epilepsy test. A truly unique video from Weirdcore, enjoy.

**WARNING** trippy as balls.

Talos - D.O.A.M. Part III

Kevin McGloughlin's aspiration for 'DOAM' was to blur the lines of distance and scale, representing our human interrelationship amidst varying environments. Basically, loads of nice textures and colours from our world. The result is mesmerising.

Colin Read - Solos

Creative, fun and slightly trippy. What more could you want from a short skate film? Make sure you watch all the way through!


Not for the fainthearted. One of the heavier videos we've posted over the past few months but its shot and graded so brilliantly, it had to make the cut. It just works.