Videos We Loved In May

Moderat - Eating Hooks

Moderat are renowned for their live performances having won Resident Advisor's best live act of the year award. The Berlin supergroup combine live performances with stunning visuals and their videos are no different. Simple animation coupled with mesmerising choreography make for a hypnotising watch.

Armand Dijcks - Elemental

Photographer Ray Collins' explored the meeting of water and light in his photo series. Elemental uses Ray's original photos and transforms them into cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are a hybrid between photo and video creating an infinite loop of motion from a still. The result is truly breathtaking. Soundtrack was created by André Heuvelman on trumpet and Jeroen van Vliet on piano.

Ben Black - For Approval

For Approval isn't traditional storytelling animation. It is created with almost bubblegum like qualities, 3D lighting, and bright colours. The catch? It defies the laws of physics! You'll either love this or it'll seriously wig you out.

Nick Kontostavlakis - At Home

Award winning Greek photographer Nick Kontostavlakis has travelled the world capturing nature and it's beauty. At Home depicts Nick's sense of comfort and homeliness in the multiple beautiful locations he has found and captured around the world. "My destination is not a place, it's a perspective".


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