Olympic Games - Pyeongchang to Tokyo

If like us the past couple of weeks were spent pretending to work whilst watching the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, you’re probably already thinking about the 2020 summer games in Tokyo, Japan.

Whilst Germany dominated in Pyonchang, its worth pointing out the ridiculous medal tally from Norway, a country with just over half the population of London. Although meagre, us brits had the best winter games we’ve had so far with a total of 5 medals. Not bad for a country that when it comes to winter weather, is all fart and no poo.

The reason we’re so excited about Pyeongchang and the 2020 games in Tokyo, is the development and incorporation of extreme sports into the Olympics. For Pyeongchang, we saw the first ever ‘Big air’ competition, where riders pushed the limits of human flight. In 2020, we’re going the see the incorporation of Surfing, Climbing, Karate and Skateboarding.

There has been a bit of negativity surrounding Skateboarding in particular in Tokyo. People argue that its Olympic incorporation renders it too mainstream and will damage the roots of skateboarding subculture. However there is no denying that its incorporation into the big league will inspire a whole generation of young athletes, pushing them and the sport further and faster than ever before.