Videos we loved in January

A couple of vids we've stumbled upon and enjoyed over the past month. Tuck in...

1. Water II

Visually stunning, original short video by Morgan Maassen. Looks like (for the most part), it was filmed at Teahupoo, in the French Polynesia. Teahupoo is the heaviest wave in the world and widely regarded as one of the most difficult to surf too.

2. Safia Nolin - Technicolor

French Canadian film makers Bonsound. Beautiful drone footage combined with clever post production. Probably one of my favourite uses of drones i've seen online.

3. Emmanuel Lubezki: Making Beautiful Movies

This is a brief look into why Emmanuel Lubezki has been such a successful director of photography. The only person to win 3 consecutive academy awards for Gravity, Birdman and The Revenent. Emmanuel is known for his long shots and often only uses natural light to achieve his shots. As a result, The Revenent was filmed over two continents. The first half was filmed in North America, the second in Argentina to achieve his desired light.

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